Map of Me: Development 5

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

This project has been on hold for a while for several reasons but the main one being that I still wasn’t happy with my idea and that has made it really difficult to continue with it. Doing more research, I went back to some of my original inspirations: Jessica Walsh and her usage of bright colours and a lot of blue, pink and purple, architectural photography focusing on geometry and angles (but this time I looked more into colour and minimalist photography) and text.


Moodboard, by Lisa

I found that the reason for me changing my idea so many times (as my original idea was mapping conversations) was due to the fact that the conversations I recorded just wasn’t interesting enough and they didn’t inspire me. The ideas I had after a while also just seemed too trivial and not thought through. But, thinking about text more I began researching other ways to map London and came up with poetry. Ever since I came here I have written short poems about my experience here and thought that would be a really personal way of putting a piece of me and a piece of London together. Still unsure of how to make this into an app or how to make it interactive and interesting, I began thinking about the way I want it to look instead. The visual identity of it all. I knew I wanted a gallery with images (although I didn’t want a gallery to be all that there was to the app) so I started building one.

A fun way of presenting my poems I thought could be to experiment with the scanner and moving text around to create interesting and wavy forms like I did during a type workshop about a month ago. So I printed a poem out and started moving it around while scanning it. However, the results weren’t what I wanted them to be, the text got cropped in different places and sometimes became unreadable so instead I tried the whole thing again but using only one letter, the first one of the poem. This worked much better and I got some really fun images from it.

Next I took it into Photoshop to edit the shapes and add colour, creating my poster series of poems. Two outcomes:

Poem posters, by Lisa

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