Pastiche 1560: Outcome 1

CIP, pastiche 1560

“Just as one can compose colours or forms, so one can compose motions.”

The above quote is what I have been basing my pastiche on. It’s by Calder and captures his way of creating so well and summarises his work weather it be static or moving- he composes motions.

I wanted my video to celebrate motion and the beautiful tranquility of something moving slowly on its own. To achieve this I have used a lot of white space in my aesthetics and letting things take its own time so nothing feels rushed. Calder’s work is all about observing and looking at how an object and a space can talk to each other so there can’t be any speedy movements. It takes a long time to make a mobile (believe me, I have tried) and the pastiche should honour that.

I have let the words gravity, balance and motion lead the way because it is the three words I think describes Calder best and they are visible in this order in my pastiche. I have limited my colours to black, red, yellow and blue because those are the colours he worked with and when placed together creates a playful, childish vibe which is very important as Calder lived by the saying that art should be fun. The serenity of the sleek mobiles is a counterweight to the bright and basic colours which is needed to create balance.


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