Google Engage: Development 1

Dialogue Studio, google engage

Making some decisions about the Google Engage project I have decided to define the “one bath a day for 40 years” analogy further. After making a questionnaire about people’s views on animal cruelty campaigns and how effective those types of visuals are, the results showed that my best bet is to focus more on facts and data visualisation- comparing numbers to something that’s easier to comprehend. The majority said they would be more likely to change their behavior based on facts than emotion and that blood and gore and sad animals just made them want to turn a blind eye to the campaign. 

Therefor I am removing the animal visuals completely and taking a different approach. As I am focusing more on leather as a product and the other bad aspects of the industry that isn’t animal cruelty bit, it might look like I’m straying a bit from where I started. However, I believe that everything is connected and I started this because I am passionate about animals but angling my campaign in a way that the animal cruelty bit isn’t prominent. I don’t want to make it sad, even though the reality – the way we treat animals is sad, but if people buy less leather because of the bathtub analogy, my hope is demand will decrease and less animals have to suffer.


By Lisa

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