Collection brief: Research 1

Artists and Inspiration, CIP, collection brief

As a part of my collection brief where I am making a book containing some of the projects I have been working on since October, I have been researching layout. One interesting character in this field is Alan Fletcher. His approach to layout is that it can be much the same to making a storyboard for a movie; some parts are busier than others but the most important thing is the pace.

I think much the same way actually, pace is the most important thing and how (if you’re making a book) thinking about the flow and how one spread reads after the next is the most important thing. When I work with layout I draw inspiration from different sources I’ve recently or not so recently come across but still have fresh in my memory and try to mix that with my own personal style. But in the end what does it for me is how it feels. If I can’t get the feeling I’m after when looking at my layout design, it’s not the right design. I tend to move things around and experiment until my gut tells me where the text and image fits.

Watching a clip with Fletcher where he talks about his approach in making the book The Art of Looking Sideways he says that even though the book is so long (about 1000 pages) each page has a different layout, which I find quite interesting as the approach I feel I have been taught is to stick to a defined number of different grids so as to keep it cohesive. In a way it still makes sense though because it all comes back to the feeling. As long as the eye doesn’t get confused looking at it, why not have 1000 different layouts in one book?

Work by Alan Fletcher

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