Google Engage: Research 1

Dialogue Studio, google engage

New brief is about engaging. Engaging in something you are passionate about and making other people engage with it as well. My chosen topic is animal cruelty and through screen based interaction and the digital out of home medium I will aim to make people more aware about what goes on in the leather industry. The cruelty towards the animals, how it affects people working in the industry and how it affects our planet.

Beginning my research I have looked into how different animal rights organisations and environmental organisations advertise and create awareness about issues today to see what the best angle for me would be. Advertisements for animal rights is often very bloody and gory and many times the aim is to shock people into realising the problem and hopefully changing their habits. Although very powerful and definitely leaving an impact on the individual in the moment, I am not sure these kinds of images work anymore as we now live in a society where we see horrible images every day from different parts of the world. We know it’s happening yet it doesn’t affect us so much anymore, we might have become desensitized.

moodboard animal cruelty.jpg

Moodboard by Lisa

Some ads take a more subtle approach though, letting the individual think a bit for themselves about what the message might be- giving off a more dystopian kind of vibe.

alternative animal cruelty.jpg

Moodboard by Lisa

Personally I believe this second method may be more successful when reaching a wider public. People in general don’t like being scared or associated with a radical group of people and this type of advertising and creating awareness lets the individual think a bit for themselves instead of being forced an opinion upon.

This will also be the route I think I’ll be taking for my project and/or trying to bring the awareness of animal cruelty into peoples everyday life by displaying facts about the industry and putting it in a context that makes it more comprehensible.


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