Map of Me: outcome 1

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

Sticking to my last idea about making collages from places in London, I’ve now developed the menu system for my app. I made it into a simple square using triangles to divide the different sections to mimic the ‘cut out feel’ of the collages. The font is called Expressway and one I chose because of its quite angular and sharp form yet still being inviting and friendly. Because of the colours I use, the design can easily look too childlike so a rounded font wouldn’t do- it was simply too friendly and I needed something to balance out these colours. Expressway does that successfully I think.

Map of Me, work by Lisa

The menu square is visible at all times no matter what page you are on and makes it easy for you to navigate through the four options without pressing a ‘back’ button all the time.

There is still very much work to be done when it comes to the app though: how one makes the collages, the design of the map, the share option, the sound, how the conversations are incorporated etc. Thinking left to do-> a lot. 

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