Map of Me: Development 4

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

What my app idea is lacking and what I have been struggling to come up with is how the user will interact with it. I have gone through so many ideas (help!) yet none of them have really involved any interactive aspect and has mostly felt like a presentation of my findings and work. To tackle this problem I am now thinking about letting the user build their own picture of a place from the pictures I have taken in the form of collages. You will be able to save these collages to a gallery and make several different versions from the same picture.

Three examples of collages made from places I have visited and collected conversations, work by Lisa

The menu will have the following options:

  • My gallery
  • Map
  • Conversations
  • About (maybe something that explains the app)
  • Maybe also a share or connect option

What I am still not sure about is how to bring my conversations in to everything. Weather it is done through sound or text or shown on a map… Definitely need to think more about this but hopefully I won’t change my idea completely again.

When making my own collages I also ended up with these images seen below. They are what was left of my pictures after I cut out pieces of them to use for the collages, and then placed on top of each other to get these interesting outcomes. Not sure what I could use them for yet (if at all) but I really like them. Maybe it could be another way to use the app, either you use the pieces you cut out to make a picture or you use what’s is left after you’re done cutting.

Collages from left over cut up pictures, by Lisa

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