map of me: development

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

The opposite of what I had planned, my mapping of conversations has had to be done a bit backwards. Instead of first finding conversations and then exploring the area around it in search of a good photograph – I have had to do all the photographing at once. I wanted my images to be kind of high contrast between shadow and light which means I have had to time my work to London’s weather. I need sunlight. The lack of time I’ve had to focus on this has also forced me to change my approach. Maybe for the better!

The other day I went on a photo safari through parts of London I like – a walk I will have to do again but listening at different places instead of only seeing.

Contact sheets, photos by Lisa 

I’ve also strayed a lot from my original idea in terms of visual language and colours. I got really inspired by the photographers of this post and the tone of voice of those kind of images. So I’ve decided. Out with the blue, pink and orange, and in with the blac, white and yellow. It brings it all together more and I think that is something that will be key in my app.

Two edited pictures (not quite done but almost) that I am going for:

Map of Me, photos by Lisa

I have also thought about my actual map that I wanted to have as a start page in which you navigate your way to the different places and conversations. My first idea was to have a simplified image of a map of London, circling the places of conversation. But I have now decided that I want a puzzle of text/names of the places as a start page instead. A map of names instead of a picture to focus more on the conversation part and playing more with type. When you click on a name, you get to the photo of that place and the conversation found in it. Yeah, I’m gonna stick to that!


Sketchbook for Map of Me, by Lisa

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