Making a living


After listening to a series of talks last week about making a living, I’ve realized that the most important thing to do when trying to make it for yourself and freelance is to promote yourself all the time. Think of yourself as a brand and get that brand out there. A couple of notes from the day follows below. 

Crowdfunding for Creatives

A way to fund a project you really can’t afford to launch can be by using crowdfunding. It’s a way to get a project off the ground because you ask for funding from anyone who thinks your idea is interesting. Not to be considered as an easy way to get money quick though, running a successful crowdfunding campaign is a full time job as you have to keep up the interest and promote yourself and your idea constantly.

Working for Yourself- how to freelance and finding business

We are all responsible for creating our own opportunities. Freelancing is hard but can at the same time be very rewarding as you get to try so many different types of work and working for different clients that forces you to maybe go at an idea from different angles before actually finding a solution. As a freelancer you are also in charge of everything that is involved in a business- from sketching designs to typing up contract with clients and making sure the tax forms are in order. If you want to freelance you are in for a job that is more than full time. Working for yourself is a lot of work but if you wrap your head around it and manage everything it can also be great as you are your own boss.

How to Set Up a Creative Business & Promote What You Do

Make sure you are memorable and build up a reputation. Again, think of yourself as a brand and network at every opportunity. Presentation is important. Be personal and get on social media. Promote, promote, promote.



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