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Before venturing in to the world of Graphic Design I had no idea you could do so much with type and love type so much that you can make a living designing it or designing with it. I never thought I would be one to get excited when seeing a piece of graphic design work featuring only type but I’ve come to realise that I do. There are so many designers dealing with type in the world in so many different and interesting ways: printed, painted, sculpted etc. Below are some examples of designers and studios that has made type and letters their living and it’s really inspiring. 


This is a studio consisting of Scott Williams and Henrik Kubel deigning typefaces and working a lot with type as a medium for their designs. Their portfolio is pretty impressive as they have designed books, magazines, signage, websites, stamps, graphic identities, brand identities, museum exhibition identities and lots more. I really like their style as it isn’t super consistent but manages to always fit the project it’s made for.

Work by A2/SW/HK

Tomato- Applied Art & Design

Tomato works with everything from film, music, prints and books as well as giving lectures and has won many design awards. Their style is hard to pin down because it is all over the place and I have difficulty making sense of them. Below are three of their works that I like the most (or actually, I would have liked yhe yellow one more without any type in it) because (except for the type in the yellow one) they all have a letterpress kind of feel, making puzzles in the assembly of the words.

Work by Tomato- Applied Art & Design

Studio Myerscough

It’s hard not to recognize Studio Myerscough’s bright design work. Their always collourful work with type and pattern is guaranteed to make you happy or at least interested. My favourite work is the one in Westminister Academy as it is a bit more restrained, using only three colours because it doesn’t need more. Simple is the best.

Work by Studio Myerscough

Colophon Foundry

Colophon Foundry focuses on creating typefaces for analogue and digital media and they also accept comissions for custom fonts, logostypes and fontfamilies. An example of their print work for People of Print seen below displays how they not only create font but design with them as well.

Work by Colophon Foundry

Phil Baines

As a former student of preisthood, Phil Baines creates work heavily influenced by medieval manuscripts and his earlier work I don’t care for at all. However these three book below, I really like as they are more structured and doesn’t focus as much on an old style of writing but rather interpreting it in his own way.

Work by Phil Baines

Alan Kitching

Letterpress guru Alan Kitching is one of my favourite practitioners when it comes to experimenting with type. It’s colourful, inventive and bold. I especially like his work where he puts letters on top of each other in the same or similar colour or plays around with the layout of a word on a page.

Alan Kitching and work by Alan Kitching

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