Dialogue studio: risograph printing

Dialogue Studio, Workshops

A poem for the Riso

Dear Riso,

You look like something taken out of a sci-fi film from the eighties
bulky, beige, pink and mint.

Spitting out paper faster than I can blink pausing your rhythmic drumming
only when it is time to change the ink.

Colouring my fingers blue
Riso printer I want to love you
but right now
I’m finding it very hard to. 

Risograph printing really is a great and quick way of making prints. You can get beautifully saturated colours and great monotone prints that look really graphic and personal (as the copies vary slightly in tone and colour quality). I think Riso printing is pretty neat and therefor I was also a bit disappointed today when I tried it for the first time and the result was less than desirable. Lesson- not all pictures makes good prints.

Working with a picture I took last week and a poem I wrote about London, I put this together:

Grids and poem thicker lines for blog.jpg

Photo by Lisa

And it came out like this:

Riso for blog.jpg

Riso print, by Lisa

Ugh, gross. Trying to make my prints more interesting (to save these disasters) I experimented with the copy machine and also cut some prints up and made them into collages. I like this outcome better but I’m still very disappointed with this whole experience. Well, not all designs are successful and I’ll try this again for sure.

Experiments with prints, by Lisa

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