Map of me: Research 3

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

Earlier this week, I dove further into researching for my “Map of Me” project- this time focusing more on what type of imagery I want to use when photographing areas in London. My initial idea was to take pictures that show an overview of the place I was at listening to conversations, having the pictures black and white to give the text more focus but thinking about it more and researching architectural photographers I now really like the idea of focusing on how I take the photo as well in terms of capturing interesting angles and shapes to tap in to the tone of voice and feeling of that particular building or place.

After finding these photographers inspiring I made a mood board to sort my thoughts out. Each person is represented by two images each:



Bas Princen im. 1+11

Simona Panzironi img. 2+5

Eddy Joaquim img. 3+12

Janie Airey img. 4+9

Daniel Hewitt img. 6+7

Marten Elder img. 8+10

These images are definitely more sombre than the ones I used for my first mood board for this project and I still haven’t decided in which direction to go for this. Black and white don’t really appeal to me anymore and although I like the types of colours I thought of using before, maybe they’re not right for this project. I have some more thinking to do, and photographs to take.

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