Dialogue Studio: Feedback and Map of Me Research 2

Dialogue Studio, Map of me

Getting some feedback on my ideas for the “map of me”, I have looked in to more designers and art/design with type in space. Adding to my list of inspiration- I now place Alexander Calder and his beautiful work with mobiles and installations, and Jessica Walsh’s bold colour work and type. Jessica Walsh also uses a colour palette through out her portfolio that is similar to what I want to use for my project.

Another name I will add to my list of inspiration is Jenny Holzer. She does light projections on to buildings, giving them a whole other sense of life and it’s really beautiful. 

Alexander Calder, Jessica Walsh, Jenny Holzer

Searching for “type in space” on pinterest I came across so much inspiring work that it almost leaves me more confused than before I had any ideas at all. Wayfinding solutions, huge type and numerals on floor and buildings, swirling around staircases and cramming in small spaces; there are lots off cool stuff out there basically!

Studying these images I’ve decided that instead of colour blocking my images of buildings- I’m going to keep their 3D form, having my conversations wrap around them sort of. Weather I do this digitally or not is a decision for another day.


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