Dialogue Studio: Bedwyr Williams

Artists and Inspiration, Dialogue Studio, Visits

Singing sneakers, a goat in a ravine and imagining oneself as bread; the Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams’s exhibition “The Gulch” at The Barbican is a walk through strange. Led from one room to the next, the artist takes us on a journey from beaches, restaurants and board rooms- trough built scenes set in dim lighting with no explanation as to what we’re looking at. It’s magically bizarre and I wish the experience went on for longer.

With a Kubrick vibe but maybe less dark, The Gulch is an exhibition I recommend. Go and listen to a man telling you to imagine yourself as a piece of dough. A dough man with different types of breads as your limbs, rising with the hot flames of the oven. Growing crisp and toasty. I for one couldn’t stop laughing.


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