Dialogue Studio: Applied arts marathon

Dialogue Studio

When designing, most people probably do the work subconsciously (thinking about shape, form, colour, pattern, emphasis, proportion). And sometimes, not thinking about what comes naturally, for me at least, can be in your way as I find I often over complicate things in my head instead of just doing something really simple, really fast.

Working fast and creating many posters that incorporates the different design principles and elements of design has kind of changed the way I look at a project- it doesn’t have to take forever to create something (in this case posters). And although the aim was producing 50 posters in 5 hours and I only got like 7 done, I really enjoyed this and the particular way of working- restraining yourself a bit in terms of what you’re allowed to use to convey a message forced me to simplify my ideas and think outside the box.

Creating meaningful visual language thinking about composition, design principles and the elements of design- here are some simplified movie posters I made:

Simplified movie posters by Lisa
  • Harry Potter by combining line and contrast
  • 101 Dalmations, shape and scale
  • Star Wars, colour and pattern
  • Jaws, shape and emphasis
  • Finding Nemo, line and emphasis

What is beauty? -Posters using photography to define beauty:

Posters by Lisa
  • Books arranged by colour
  • Grids and geometry

Self portrait through collage:

Posters by Lisa



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