Pastiche 1560: Wayfinding excersize, La Jetée and the Kuleshov Effect

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Making a film through still images is an easy way to create a video sequence and until today- wasn’t really a technique I’d used before. It is actually an interesting way to create narrative and story.  The Kuleshov Effect explains why putting  images together in a certain sequence is the base for film making and how powerful a tool editing is. “Through the choices in how shots are organized and sequenced, filmmakers can create new meaning by juxtaposing unrelated images. With the illusion of condensing space, we are able to create new worlds, connecting places that were previously separate.” full article here. Using this technique you understand how important sound is to set the tone of a video and how the music along with the camera angles and selected shots really can help your narrative or change it’s meaning completely.

One famous film using the technique is “La Jetée” by Chris Marker, a story about time travel using almost exclusively still pictures that really displays the power of image. Not equally powerful, here is a clip made a couple of days ago as an example; here we were set the task of showing the way from the entrance to our studio.



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