Dialogue Studio: Stories, Concepts, Tone of voice

Dialogue Studio, Map of me
collage- ‘a city of things in the city’ and drawing sounds and smells, by Lisa

Stop thinking and just do= mantra of the day. Continuing on the path of mark making and idea generating, today’s theme has been documentation. But not only documenting what you see- but what you smell and hear as well. I found this exercise quite fun and even though I had difficulty grasping the purpose of it, I realised I actually could draw a sound or a smell, who knew. Looking back at my outcomes of the day I do get a little bit more of an idea of what I want my own project to look like and I’m especially happy with the collage as it is generally something I really dislike to do but I like how this worked out. Maybe that’s something I can use more in later projects as well. So there we go- broaden your mind!


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