Personas, task models and user journeys

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When designing, it’s always important to step away from your work to see how someone else will read it. Designing an application- thinking about personas and user journeys is vital. Personas means different types of users, and knowing who your target audience is and who will interact with your application will help in designing it. As my next project is designing an app- the first thing I started to think about were pages and how you navigate from one point to another- the user journey. However, that is the more robotic approach to design and the emotive side, the task model, needs to exist too because that taps into people’s reaction to the experience.

Navigating through websites, I quickly get an understanding of what works and doesn’t work for me as the user. For instance, when there is too much text that I didn’t ask for I get annoyed and want to escape, when I don’t understand what the site wants from me or if it is too complicated I get frustrated and immediately don’t like it. And keeping these things in mind- what I want from an app- will definitely help me in the start of my own design.

One thought on “Personas, task models and user journeys

  1. This was a really well balanced read Lisa. The post would have benefitted from some more breaks in the passage and images. Let’s see some of the visual outcomes that support the well rendered post. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing how you navigate around the complexities of user centred design. Well done

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