Utterly moving finished

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Moving words project is officially finished. Even though stop motion is such a long process and really tests my patience, I like doing it as you can create movement that isn’t possible in real life to give things a sense of being alive. It’s just so cute. But there is also a lot of planning involved and so many different components needed to make it happen. Before doing this, I was really inspired by this video:

because it is so playful yet smart and has a really good flow to it, plus the simple red, white and black colours are great. I also noticed that (as stop motion is so time consuming that it can’t always be done in one go) if you have a white background it can be very difficult to get the lighting exactly the same the second day of filming but the guy who made this clip solves this by for example at one point covering the “stage” with pieces of black paper which he then moves away to reveal the white again. That way we “forget” the exact shade of white we had before so if the lighting is a bit different after he removes the black paper, we won’t notice it. So I decided to use the same technique for my video as well.

Lighting is always the most difficult part I think when doing a stop motion and unfortunately I had some problems with that this time around as well. At one point I had shot about 100 frames, looked at them and saw that as the sun came out a shadow formed across my stage that wasn’t there previously so I had to redo the images after it became a bit more cloudy- matching the lighting I had when I started. Tricky.

For the sound I wanted to have waves but after applying that I thought it became too monotonous after a while so I decided to create different shuffling and scratching noises I felt fit with the composition as letters are hurrying along to line themselves up into phrases. I did several recordings but none of them were perfect so in the end I’ve put the best parts of several recordings in there so it feels right. The noises were made by running my nails across the floor, shuffling paper, tapping the window frame, breathing and dragging my hand across my jeans and mattress.

I’m satisfied with my video but it is not perfect. The lighting is not 100 percent and neither is the quality (bear in mind though that I was working with very small pieces of cut out letters from magazines so that is part of the problem) but I like the overall feel and how it goes together with the sound. I think some of the animations I have done before has been more innovative in terms of really exploring everything you can do with the stop motion technique but for some reason I felt this project was difficult to start and ideas didn’t come easy so I lost some of that playfulness.


One thought on “Utterly moving finished

  1. I agree that it could be higher quality, but it’s still amazing nonetheless! I kind of wish I had an animation project in my program, as this looks really cool. Glad you were able to figure it out!


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