Back to stop motion

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Moving words- not moving forward. What do you do when you don’t get any ideas? Yesterday was spent working with After Effects, making a little test only to realize I didn’t like what I was coming up with.

It’s just too all over the place and at the same time too static. Meh. Just, no. 

I tried to make a storyboard but as I didn’t have any ideas it ended up looking pathetically empty.


Then I thought about how ideas came to me much better during the recent typography workshop and how working with my hands (not in a computer way) makes me more creative and decided that maybe it would be better to do a stop motion project instead. I wanted to avoid this technique because of how difficult it is to set up the “studio” but today I came up with a camera rig that works wonderfully so that won’t be a problem anymore. I might still tweak the film in After Effects later.


So today, after about 5 hours I now have 10 seconds of film, 300 images and two more phrases to go.

I’m also thinking about what sound to put with this, my original idea was to have waves because I thought that would go well to the sea theme, and also represent noise in the head. But now I’m not so sure. I’ve watched a lot of videos of people making music out of household appliances etc and kind of feel like doing that now. Needs more thinking.

This will happen!


One thought on “Back to stop motion

  1. Nice change of direction! I’ve never tried stop-motion partly due to how work-intensive it is, but it’s a great end product.


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