Moving type pt.2

Project 3, Projects

Work on my latest project has been slow. Really slow. At first I tried approaching this by deciding on exactly how I wanted to make the film- getting the type to move, and I had a couple of ideas but couldn’t commit to any of them as they didn’t feel good. So after that I decided on writing the text first (as this has to be somewhat based on a clip from the move “the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”) and came up with precisely nothing again. So now I’ve basically just decided to start and see where that leads me. My idea so far is filming a surface (the ground or a table maybe) and using letters I’ve found in magazines, move them around using After Effects to form words. Maybe also incorporate my hands in the film to move the text around. It’s pretty loose ideas at the moment but at least it’s something to get me started!

Plus, yesterday the text I want in the film just came to me! Sometimes all it takes is a little time 😉 It’s a kind of rhyme or poem or whatever you want to call it and goes like this:


The beach comes closer,

there is sand in his bed.

The world forgetting,

as he washed that girl out of his head.


Over and out.



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