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For my next project I’m going to produce a typographic moving piece of curated footage using original sound. Witch I am very exited about! Right now I have approximately zero ideas so to just begin practicing hand rendering type, I wrote a poem about my right eye that’s been annoying me this week and illustrated it using typefaces I found in my new and amazing book “Type Team” by Tony Seddon. I’ve been flicking through this book so much already, it’s really inspiring!

What I learned from this process though was that it takes A LOT of time drawing type! As this was a test, I didn’t really bother with getting everything perfectly straight and the tracking could definitely be improved but regardless I like what I produced as my poem now looks like a piece of art. Definitely worth taking into consideration though how much time it takes to draw type when I’m choosing my text for this project. Can’t make it too long..

3 thoughts on “Moving type

  1. That sounds like a great project! Just a suggestion, but consider how sounds and music affect us while working on the type. Sounds and type can definitely play off each other for great results.

    You might want to look at the workbook “Hand Lettering for Everyone”. It gives some easy history on type and has some zany exercises to help loosen you up and think with creativity in mind.

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