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I entered a competition about a month ago for Secret 7 where you have to design sleeves for a song. Just found out I’m not in the final 700 (out of 7000, yikes!) so I thought I’d share what I did here as I like what I came up with. 

The first one is for the song “At Last” by Etta James and I made it from cut out paper glued in my sketchbook, photographed and edited in Photoshop. I made several layers of the original image, changed the sizes of them, the opacity and the colors to make it fit the song. When I hear the tune I think of a sunrise and all the possibilities that comes with a new day and I wanted to capture that feeling. Final outcome and original:

The second sleeve is for Max Richter’s “Dream-3” which is a classical piece and made me think about when I worked at the opera at autumn and walking in Stockholm’s old town. I made this design by scalpelling my way through blue paper through a roughly drawn, not terribly accurate image of Stockholm’s skyline. I changed the colors of it to fit the mood better and I’m happy with it but the Etta James one is probably my favorite out of the two. Final outcome and original:

Even though I wasn’t picked for the final 700 I had fun doing this! Experimenting with free reins. Woo!



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