Soundtrack of our lives project- completed

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Oh scanner you glorious machine! I know I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to cut my prints and piece them together in a different way. Well. After doing some test folding and hating the result even more than before I realized I should just stop fiddling more with the prints as it would only make it worse. I put the whole thing aside for a couple of days and then scanned the prints instead and continued working with them in the computer. The process wasn’t super smooth there either but at least I could always delete the previous version and start again. Here is a series of how the boat print evolved:

1st: Here I was just trying things out and playing with color but it felt too heavy and I realized my background needed to be white.

2nd: I thought this idea was okay but after doing the other prints, it didn’t really match and the text was too small because it was so much of it.

3rd: This layout I did Wednesday morning and was quite pleased with but hated it by Wednesday night. It still felt too petite and dainty compared to the other prints and I resolved to work on it more the next day.

4th: I don’t like the text on this one (which was a problem because I needed text on the poster for it to work beside the other two) but the placing of the boats I really like. However, again there was the problem of not having the exact same style  as the other two prints so this one had to go!

5th: This was what I landed on and wanted to print. It works well beside the other prints, it’s kind of quirky, the colors feel like sea and sunset and the text was short and big. Problem with this one though was that it was in RGB colors and it needed to be CMYK to print. And after converting the image to CMYK the colors just died. Collapsed completely and became gray and dull. I tried for a very long time to fix this but it just did not look good. So in the end I tried other colors instead!

6th: The final print! Instead of blue and orange, it’s now lighter blue and green. Sunset has been changed to the shallow waters of a paradise island which works just fine! And most important: it goes together with the other prints, hooray!

Final result

I strayed a bit from my original ideas but I’m happy with the result and how my prints look now. I chose to photograph them on a pallet in the garden because I thought it fitted the songs; wood for the birches, the planks giving the feel of a pier that fits the boat and the pallet the “poster pallet” stands on gives the impression of a (dance) floor suiting the Gramatik song.



Update after getting feedback on my posters:

Best feedback?- To be honest I didn’t much agree with the feedback I got on how to improve these. The text being messy? No I don’t see it. The thing I might try is removing the black and white dude and boat from the posters and see what happens. I was also told the “please” looks strange and has to be developed more and although I don’t agree I will give it one more go.

Action plan?- One part of me wants to finish this as soon as possible but I think the best action is to wait and resume this project in a couple of weeks/months instead.

What have I learned from the project?- Ideas change and A2 is not really that big!

UPDATE 23/3 2016

I re-did the design of the posters today, trying to comply with the critique I got previously and this is the result:

“Horn please” feels the tiniest bit like the odd one out but otherwise I think these come together better now and I’m glad I gave it another go. I think they look more like posters.





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