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Designing needn’t always be a long process. It is actually possible to come up with good ideas in only two minutes. Of course, it is also very possible to come up with a bad idea or no idea at all.  I think a lot about what to do, how the outcome will look like and what the piece will communicate when working on a new project and sometimes that can be a hurdle because it’s so easy to get stuck and finding no inspiration at all.  The exercise of drawing ideas really fast actually loosened me up a bit and I found that the longer I did it, the easier ideas came to me. Pleasantly surprised! Here are four pages out of the drawn 25:

When I looked through it all after I finished it, I found some things that I really liked and decided to work with it some more. One of them was the idea of directly translating foreign sentences to English and made for some really interesting combinations. This is Swedish directly translated to English and it makes absolutely no sense but I find they are still very beautiful. I am starting to love designing with words and type! Definitely working more with this somehow.


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