Finished zine

Core Workshops

At last! I’m finished with my zine page and cover. I think I spent more time thinking on how I wanted it to look and what that look would say to someone seeing it for the first time than actually constructing it. 

Instead of just printing my poem as it is on a white background I thought about incorporating something related to milk in it (recap- my zine is about how we should stop drinking milk). Things that came to mind were barns, tractors, farms,  cows, tracks, fur, stamps and cattle branding and tea. I played around with a couple of things (I even made my own stamps out of potatoes, yikes. Fun but way ugly) and eventually decided on using a picture of a cows stomach as a background and writing the poem on top of it in a handsome stamp typeface I found online, mixing in some yellow as to relate to a warning sign and I’m happy with the result.

Since I had done the cow part of milk consumption for my poem, I decided that the cover should symbolize the human part of it, what many Britons use milk for (putting it in their tea). At the same time I wanted the cover to be somewhat neutral since the poem inside is so harsh. It should be related but not too obvious because then some of it’s seriousness would disappear. So I took some milk from my housemate and poured it on our kitchen table and just started experimenting. Very satisfying I tell you.

Here’s the result:

zine cover for portfolio.jpg



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