Drawing on the go

Core Workshops


drawing tube 2

This week I’ve been introduced to drawing people on public transport. A very tricky thing to do, not just because of the obvious “not getting people to notice that you’re drawing them and leave” scenario- but because of other things as well. It’s extremely shaky, some people might get off the train just seconds after you started drawing them, someone would sometimes go and stand in front of the person you’re drawing and obstruct the view, etc. The most difficult one I found was finding a good place to draw so people wouldn’t notice it too much and just carry on with their business. Sitting down did not work for me at all. Too many glances my way and people around me starting to look uncomfortable. The best tactic for me was to stand right by the door, in the corner so I could turn both left and right discretely to find my next target.




I quite enjoyed this! It was very stressful and my heart was racing, but time flew, I almost missed my stop on my way home and even then didn’t feel quite done yet so I lingered on the platform and drew some more (until my hands started freezing too much). I will definitely try to do this more often!

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