Studying spaces

Core Workshops

Drawing exercise. Studying spaces around uni and  trying to capture the certain feeling the space gives= very hard. I haven’t drawn in a long time now and it took a while for me to get back into it again without feeling like a child that haven’t picked up a pencil before. The pens kept slipping out of my hand.

The progress of this actually shows in my painfully bad attempts in the first pictures but then slowly landing in something I can feel proud with at the end of the day.

Drawing 1: Emergency exit. Pencil on paper, continuous lines with a shaky hand.

Drawing 2: Radiator by the window. Pen on cardboard.

Drawing 3: Patterns on the floor. Colored pencils on paper and marks from my boots as I stomped around on it.

Drawing 4: Books in the library. Colored pencil on paper.

Drawing 5: Looking up at stairs. Gold marker pen and black fine line pen on paper.


The books in the library and the stairs are the ones I like the most, the latter one being the one I made into a poster. This is how it looks in situ:


poster in place

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