Fanzine frenzy

Core Workshops

I’ve recently been introduced to the amazing world of fanzines (the non-professional publications created by fans for fans) and I can’t get enough. I love how there seems to be no boundaries when it comes to layout and everything goes. As I am a layout nerd myself and love to play around with how you place text and image, I find this really inspiring! Most fanzines have a very distinct cut and paste, DIY feel to them which allows for some really creative solutions for layout and is something I myself would like to explore more. I found some zines on the world wide web worth mentioning:

Teeny Tiny Ramones Zine

Scroll down this blog to find this one of a kind zine made from a post it! I find this hilarious! So tiny! Tiny Ramones!

Total Bummer Zine

The total bummer zine shows peoples frustration when interacting with technology. Very relatable. We’ve all been there. Frustration in 8 bit binary illustrations is nothing short of excellent.

Kurt Cobain was Lactose Intolerant and it Killed Him

Just.. what? This makes no sense and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

My own zine will be about humans crazy milk consumption and here are my ideas:

The title of the zine is “thinking it & saying it” and I wanted my work to be related to ethical and political questions, making you pause for a moment and think. I started out thinking of cutting up an image of a cow and shoving down the parts in a teacup, drawing a human head on a cows body and a cow breastfeeding from a woman. None of them felt right though and I really wanted to make a zine that uses words more than image so I ended up writing a poem (the bottom right page) and now I have to think about how I’m going to create the actual text to make it visually interesting. I want to use mixed media for this, maybe combining monoprinting with collage and photography or hand drawn type but I haven’t decided on anything yet and I think I will have to experiment before making up my mind. I’m excited about this project though and want to see where it leads.

Side note: I also came up with the phrase “Agriculture Vulture” when I thought about doing a zine involving the effects of agriculture on nature, which I really like! I’m going to save this and think of a project for it later.




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