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Creating with purpose

A very important thing to consider when designing is that it’s probably never going to be you designing for you. It will be you- designing for someone else and what you design will not be seen by you alone but by many people (hopefully!) so it’s important to be critical about your work. Sometimes the job will be very abstract with not much to go on and sometimes a client may have too many opinions that don’t match your own (or are straight up bad) and it will be up to you to solve the problem. I think this aspect is actually the one that got me the most excited about graphic design in the first place. The communication, the complications and the problem solving. You may venture down a completely different road than what you first imagined.

Drawings from words

So as an exercise at uni this week we had to answer questions about critical design thinking visually. Difficult! (but in a good way?) Yes! These are my answered questions (bear in mind that I don’t agree with my own answers 100 percent but as the questions are so open for interpretation I had to narrow it down somehow)

  1. How do ideas become visual? – By using your hands to create something.
  2. How do emotions take shape? – Emotions can take shape with art and colors.
  3. What do we take for granted? – Peace. In your safe country, in your everyday routine, within you.
  4. Who decides what kind of communications are ethical or unethical? – You do.
  5. Who can make design? – Anyone.


I like mixing sketches or photographs with those bright, flat colors you only get in the computer so that’s what I’ve done with these. It took all day, but I felt creative when I woke up today, enjoyed doing it and I’m happy with the outcome!

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