Core Workshops

This week has been all about experimenting with different ways of making marks on paper. Using time, movement, feelings, different pens, pencils, inks and paper it’s been an interesting way of approaching a kind of abstract picture making.  

Fast recording:

I’m not so confident when it comes to drawing but exercising fast sketching and trying to capture movement made for some interesting results that I’m actually happy with. Thinking about trying this more!


Creating a skyline:

One project this week was to create a skyline by sketching up the view from our studio, simplifying it and making it into a stencil so you could use it to try different types of reductive techniques to form an image. I used graphite powder, block printing ink, markers and charcoal to get different results but decided to work more with the ink as I liked the outcome the most and printed lots of pictures experimenting with how I applied the ink and scraped it off.

What I quickly learned was that the less you care about how the picture is going to look, the better it gets. My best results I think were the ones were I forgot to remove my stencil after inking up my print making everything too dark, or accidentally smudging the ink so the outlines of the buildings aren’t straight anymore. Below you can see my favorite parts from four different prints.

Since I didn’t get one perfect image I used Photoshop to combine the details from the four images I liked the most and created a poster as seen below! The typeface is Engravers and I’ve experimented with tracking, point size, opacity, color and leading to make the text more interesting and in harmony with the image.




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