Wordplay and Infographics

Core Workshops

I’ve really been enjoying myself in the letterpress studio this week. There is just something about getting your hands full of paint that’s very calming to me. Using woodletters to print meant I’ve had to approach design in a different way than what I’m used to. Forcing me to plan ahead more yet at the same time accepting the mistakes and make the most out of them too. Here are a couple of my prints:

The woodtypes have so much personality in them that every print looks different even if you use the same blocks which is really interesting. I like how the “Bowie’s in Space” text looks kind of like craters, enhancing that un earthly feeling. And the “No Snow” one has a lot of mistakes in it where I placed the text wrong and some colours got smudged in transporting the prints home, giving the look of wet gravel and dirt that I associate with a snowless winter. Unperfect and perfect all at once.

Related to letterpress I’ve also made an typographic infographic on different words related to typeography. At first I got really stuck on this and didn’t like anything I drew but in the past I’ve noticed that if I switch pens or pencils for a project, something in my brain unfolds and I get the flow back. So I got out and bought some really big marker pens and one goldpen and really got in to this infographic! Spent a couple of hours on it one afternoon and had a really good time haha! Maybe the fumes from the gold pen got to my head. Anyways, I made the pictures into a collage so you can view them all together:




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