Sarah Boris

Hothouse Talks

Earlier this week graphic designer Sarah Boris gave a talk on her designer career, freelancing and creating your own studio space. Setting up a studio is not just about placing a desk and a chair in a room, it’s about creating a place that will feed your creativity. There are of course different ways you can accomplish this but what Sarah mentioned was the idea of creating different rooms within the room. I’ve made a list of the key things she mentioned:

  1. Library

Pretty much every studio has its own library of books and magazines that can be used for references, inspiration etc. The bigger the library, the better I’d say because can anyone really have too many books? I think not.

2. Print area

One area could be dedicated to printers, cuttingmats and other tools or technical equipment one might use.

3. Lounge

When you need to get away from your desk, a sofa or a couple of chairs around a table could be nice to have. That way you won’t have to worry about spilling your coffee all over your work and honestly sometimes you just need a break.

The studio spaces I’ve seen have all had these points Sarah mentioned. Some more and some less which means it must be a successful way of doing it. Definitely something to think about when setting up our own studios later this week!


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